Video Deposition Streaming


Alabama Reporters…providing video deposition streaming, court reporting, video depositions and video conference services in Alabama since 1985.  From VHS tapes to miniDV to true HD, we keep abreadst of the cutting edge technology in the video and film industry.  All video depositions are digital, not analog tapes. All recordings are directly to the hard drive in the camera meaning no stopping the deposition every hour for tape changes!!!

Don’t let the weather keep you from attending, or worse, re-scheduling that important deposition. Now you can attend a video deposition from the privacy of your own office. All that is required is a laptop and a high speed internet connection. No software to download. Copy and paste the provided link into your browser and start the secure, password protected live video stream.

Alabama Reporters provides local and remote video deposition streaming video services.  By utilizing Alabama Reporters large conference rooms, live video streaming of your deposition is now possible using our broadband high speed internet software.  Remote participants use their laptop webcam and internet connection to view the deposition or conference.

Witness in a remote area of the state?  No problem.  Alabama Reporters covers the State of Alabama and will travel to the witness location allowing all attorney’s to participate in the live streaming deposition from the privacy of their office.

Please call our offices for additional information or to secure our services.  800.397.5590 or